Aldi Leicester: Why You Should Shop at the UK’s Favourite Supermarket

June 6, 2023
Aldi Leicester

If you are seeking a supermarket that provides high-quality products, competitive prices and exceptional customer service, you should shop at Aldi Leicester. Aldi is the UK’s favourite supermarket, according to a survey by Which?, and has received numerous accolades for its own-brand products, value for money and environmental initiatives. In this article, we will demonstrate why you should shop at Aldi Leicester, and how you can benefit from its range of products, services and features. Whether you require groceries, household items, wine or flowers, Aldi Leicester has it all. Let us discover more!

Low Prices and High-Quality Products

One of the main reasons why Aldi Leicester – and indeed all Aldi stores – have become so popular with shoppers is because of their low prices. In fact, according to a recent survey by Which?, Aldi was found to be up to 30% cheaper than other supermarkets for everyday items such as bread and cheese.

This doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality though. In fact, many customers are surprised at just how high-quality some of Aldi’s products are given their low prices. For example, they offer a range called “Specially Selected” which features premium products such as Aberdeen Angus beef steaks or artisan cheeses at very reasonable prices.

Catering for All Tastes

Aldi understands that not everyone has the same tastes when it comes to food shopping which is why they offer a diverse range of products including vegetarian options such as lentil burgers and meat substitutes like tofu kebabs – all at affordable prices.

In addition they also cater for those with specific dietary requirements offering gluten-free pasta or lactose-free yogurts too!

Special Buys

Aldi offers “Special Buys” which are limited-time deals on various products ranging from kitchen appliances such as stand mixers or air fryers to homeware items such as bedding sets or towels. This is another reason why many people are drawn to Aldi Leicester – you never know what you might find in-store!

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Another thing that sets Aldi apart from other supermarkets is their commitment to eco-friendly packaging. They aim to make all of their own-label packaging reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025 – a deadline they’re well on track for meeting.

In addition, they have recently launched a range of refillable cleaning products which help customers reduce the amount of plastic waste produced and save money too!


Aldi Leicester has become a firm favourite among shoppers in the UK thanks to its low prices, high-quality products and diverse range catering for all tastes. The supermarket’s commitment to eco-friendly packaging further cements its position as one of the most forward-thinking retailers in the country.

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