V.Sekar Tiffin Centre Review

May 14, 2022

Type of Hotel : Veg and Non-Veg Hotel with Dine-in and Take Away

Overview :
One of Salem’s best cheap and best hotels located in Shevapet. This hotel is based on a traditional Kongu-style restaurant.
I observed a lot of individuals waiting for their parcels to be carried because this hotel is excellent for takeaway. 8 people can eat at this restaurant at a time, although I’ve seen a number of families come here and enjoy their food. However, it appears that there are many different dishes available. Paratta, Dosa, and Egg Varieties, as usual. Gravies are all delicious and thick, with a hint of spice (but not too much). There are a variety of gravies available, including chicken, mutton, and botti. There are also a variety of side dishes available, such as Chicken Fry (both Broiler and Country Chicken), Mutton Fry, and Botti Fry (but portion of this item is average not a High and same time as Low)

Also available are Veg Varieties such as Veg Gravy and Sambar, although Non-Veg Varieties will outsell Veg Dishes.

Signature Dishes :
All of the food looks good, and in my opinion, the signature dishes listed below are a must-try in this hotel.

  • Kari Dosai,
  • Boneless chicken,
  • Brain Fry
  • There are several varieties of Kari Dosai available, such as chicken, mutton, and so on.


This restaurant has space for eight people at once, and it serves normal water and silver-class beverages.

Ambience of Hotel

Cost : Affordable Cost only.

Google/Phone Pay : Accepted Here.

Pros and Cons and Verdict:
Pros :

  • There are many dishes to choose from, and the service is excellent.
  • There is very little time spent waiting for food. If you’ve already placed an order,

Cons :

  • The place is small and crowded.
  • As you enter, your netwoek may gone.
  • Parking is also extremely difficult during peak hour. Parking a car in close proximity is also extremely difficult.

Our Verdict:
If you want to taste a variety of foods such as paratto, dosai, and egg variations with a variety of gravies at an affordable price, you should definitely visit this hotel. Count no more than eight people 🙂

Address and Location

23, 47-A, Achuraman St, Colony, Sevvayipettai, Shevapet, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636002

Mobile : 09894665793

Google Map Location :


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