Shri Gupta Sweets Review

May 16, 2022

Type of Hotel : Pure Veg Hotel with Dine-in and Take Away

Overview :
This hotel is located in Salem’s fastest grooming area, Seelanayakken Patty. This hotel is basically a sweet shop that also seems to be one of Salem’s best pure vegetarian hotels. North Indian Veg Varieties in South Indian Styles are highly popular at this hotel, and it can accommodate more than 30 people for dining. Also, I noticed a number of families with their children, which I believe is because this is a high-quality hotel with appealing dishes for children. Amition is also a really clean and open space hotel. Parking is also excellent, with numerous spaces accessible in front of the hotel.the moderator is prices (But not too much) Basically, the truth is that Veg Hotels are always more expensive than Non-Veg Hotels. Particularly at this place, they maintain and provide excellent service. You can take Sweets and Spices Snacks away when you’ve finished eating. Rasamilai is really delicious to eat here. Purified drinking water is also only provided with Silver Class.

Also, this north Indian-based hotel should not accept without these delicacies “Pani Puri and Pavi Paji,” right? Yes, there are numerous options in Pani Poori items. Dhahi Poori is particularly popular in Salem, and very few hotels only available it. Chola Poori is also available in this hotel, but only on Thursday and Sunday. This hotel sells out quickly, and some days it sells out before 7 p.m. There are many varieties of fast food items available, such as Gobi, Paneer, and Mushroom Rice, all of which are quite tasty, and if you get Gobi rice, the majority of the quantity is gobi only available.

My own experience has been that I frequently go with friends and order something to eat outdoors the steps and Viewing Road while enjoying our time together. I’m a non-vegetarian who doesn’t eat vegetarian meals at hotels, yet I’ll come here frequently to eat vegetarian food.

Also there is many number of locations available in Salem, however I’m really very interested this spot to visit and eating food.

Signature Dishes :
The following signature dishes are a must-try in this hotel.

  • Chola Puri
  • Gobi Manchurian
  • Dhai Poori
  • Rasamilai (My Favarate)

There are many delicious foods, but I’ve highlighted a few that are particularly noteworthy.

Cost : Moderator Price

Google/Phone Pay : Only Cards / Cash Accepted

Pros and Cons and Rating :
Pros :

  • Amitions is very good
  • Serviceing
  • Lot of Unique Dishes available.
  • Parking is excellent

Cons :
Families are mostly occupied at peak hours and don’t have time to dine-in, so we can wait and eat.

Our Rating :
If you must eat vegetarian dishes with your family and children, you must come here and try. Parents should be aware that there are many sweets available, so children will be tempted.

Address and Location :

Parasakthi nagar, R.S.P Thottam, Parasakthi Nagar, Dadagapatty, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636006

Google Map Location :

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