How to use banana peppers as a topping or garnish

April 20, 2023
banana peppers

Banana peppers are well-known among those who like spicy cuisine. The gentle heat and distinctive flavour of these peppers make them a versatile culinary ingredient. Though banana peppers have various applications, we’ll be focusing on their decorative uses here.

Topping Ideas

Pizza Topping: Recipe for Pizza with Banana Peppers

Banana peppers are delicious on pizza, so that’s good news if you like that dish. Banana peppers may be used fresh or pickled, depending on your taste. Banana peppers may be added to pizza before baking by slicing them into thin circles and scattering them over the pie. The end product is a tasty pizza with a hint of heat that everyone will enjoy.

Sandwich Topping: How to Add Banana Peppers to Your Sandwich

Sandwiches benefit greatly from the inclusion of banana peppers. Their sour and somewhat sweet taste complements savoury foods like meat, cheese, and vegetables. Banana peppers may be used as a sandwich topper by being sliced into thin rounds and added. Chopping them up and adding them to your sandwich spread will give it a little something extra.

Salad Topping: How Banana Peppers Can Improve the Flavor of Salads

Banana peppers may be used to enhance the taste and texture of your salads. Vegetables like greens, tomatoes, and cucumbers go particularly well with them. Banana peppers are delicious when chopped and used as a garnish on a salad. If you want to add a little flair to your salad, try slicing them into small circles and arranging them artistically on top.

Burger Topping: How to Use Banana Peppers as a Burger Topping

If you’re searching for a new method to add flavour to your patties, consider crowning them with banana peppers. Simply slice them thinly and position them atop your burger patty. You can also slice them and incorporate them into your burger toppings for a more uniform flavour distribution.

Garnish Ideas

Cocktail Garnish: How to Use Banana Peppers in Cocktails

Banana peppers are an excellent method to add flavour and seasoning to cocktails. They complement tequila, vodka, and other transparent spirits well. To garnish a cocktail with banana peppers, simply slice them into thin rounds and add them to the drink. For a stronger flavour, you can also muddle them with the other ingredients.

Dip Garnish: How to Use Banana Peppers as a Dip Garnish

Banana peppers are delicious when used as a garnish for hummus and guacamole. Make a quick garnish by chopping them up and scattering them on top of the dip. You may also make a pretty pattern with them above the dip.

Deviled Egg Garnish: How to Use Banana Peppers in Deviled Eggs

The addition of banana peppers elevates the traditional appetiser of deviled eggs to a whole new level. You may add some spice to your deviled eggs by adding chopped banana peppers to the mixture. Deviled eggs look great when topped with sliced banana peppers.

Salsa Garnish: How to Use Banana Peppers in Salsa

The spice and flavour of banana peppers may be a welcome addition to your salsa. You may add them to your favourite salsa recipe by simply chopping them up. Banana peppers, thinly sliced, provide an attractive garnish for your salsa.

Tips for Using Banana Peppers as a Topping or Garnish

Banana peppers are a versatile condiment that may be sprinkled over anything from a salad to a sandwich to a pizza or burger. They improve both the flavour and appearance of your dish by giving a distinctive sour note and a splash of vibrant colour. Here, you’ll learn the best method for slicing banana peppers, as well as how to choose the ripest, freshest peppers and keep them fresh for as long as possible.

How to Properly Slice Banana Peppers

The size and form of banana peppers should be taken into account before you begin slicing them. Banana peppers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from skinny little things to big, fat bellies. How you should cut them is determined on their size and purpose.

Thin rings are the perfect shape for utilising banana peppers as a topping or garnish. First, you’ll need to clean the peppers by discarding the stem and the seeds. Then, cut the pepper in transverse rings by laying it on its side and using a sharp knife. Larger peppers may benefit from being split in half lengthwise before being sliced.

Chopping banana peppers into smaller pieces might be helpful if you want to use them in a recipe. Remove the pepper’s core and seeds before slicing it lengthwise into thin strips. Then, cut the strips into manageable bits.

Use a sharp knife and proceed cautiously while slicing banana peppers to prevent cutting yourself.

How to Choose Ripe and Fresh Banana Peppers

Look for fresh, ripe banana peppers while making your purchase. Yellow and firm to the touch indicate that a banana pepper is at its peak maturity. Peppers that are soft or have black patches may have gone bad, so it’s best to avoid buying them.

The skin of a fresh banana pepper should be lustrous and wrinkle-free. If the pepper’s skin is dull or wrinkled, it may have been exposed to moisture during storage or be beyond its prime.

Ask your grocer or a seller at the farmers market for guidance if you don’t know how to pick out a ripe and fresh bunch of banana peppers. It’s probable that they’ll have some advice and suggestions for you.

How to Store Leftover Banana Peppers

To keep the flavour and freshness of any remaining banana peppers, careful storage is required. One option is to refrigerate them after placing them in a sealed container or plastic bag. This will help keep the peppers fresh for longer by reducing the likelihood of spoilage due to moisture.

Pickling banana peppers is another option for preserving any extras. Make a pickle by slicing the peppers into thin rings and combining them with vinegar, water, salt, and sugar in a jar. Wait at least a day to use the peppers after soaking them in the mixture.


Banana peppers are a multipurpose item that may be used as a garnish or topping among other applications. They may be used to enhance the flavour of many different foods, including pizza, sandwiches, salads, burgers, drinks, dips, deviled eggs, and salsa. If you’re seeking to spice things up a little, try adding banana peppers as a garnish.

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