America’s Best Wings: How to Find and Enjoy the Best Chicken Wings in the USA

May 15, 2023
Chicken Wings

There is nothing more quintessentially American than devouring a plate of deep-fried, sauce-slathered chicken wings while watching your favorite sports team compete. This delicious culinary tradition has become a staple in bars, restaurants, and kitchens across America. With so many variations available from coast to coast, finding America’s best wings may seem like an impossible task. But fear not! We have scoured the nation for the tastiest chicken wings that will satisfy even the most demanding wing connoisseur.

The History of America’s Love Affair with Chicken Wings

Before diving into where to find these finger-licking gems, it is essential to understand how chicken wings became such an iconic American dish. The story begins in Buffalo, New York at Anchor Bar back in 1964 when Teressa Bellissimo decided to whip up a late-night snack for her son and his friends using leftover ingredients on hand – some hot sauce and butter slathered over fried chicken wings.

That fateful night marked the birth of what we now know as Buffalo Wings – fried chicken pieces covered in hot sauce served with blue cheese dipping sauce on one side and celery sticks on another side. Over time this simple recipe evolved as chefs across the country put their own spin on it by experimenting with different sauces or cooking techniques resulting today’s wide array of flavors from sweet barbecue glazed ones right through spicy dry-rubbed varieties.

Finding America’s Best Wings: A Coast-to-Coast Guide

New York City – The Birthplace of Buffalo Wing Tradition

No wing journey would be complete without paying homage to their birthplace – New York City! While visiting Anchor Bar where it all began should be on every wing lover’s bucket list, a trip to Manhattan offers other mouth-watering chicken wing options as well. For instance, Dan & John’s Wings brings the original Buffalo-style wings to the heart of East Village with their customizable heat levels ranging from mild to insanely spicy “Burning Hot”. Another popular spot is Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque in multiple locations across the city where they serve their slow-smoked crispy wings covered in a tangy-sweet barbecue sauce.

Atlanta – A Southern Twist on Classic Wings

As you make your way south, Atlanta offers numerous options for those seeking authentic southern flavors with a twist. One such establishment is Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q where they serve smoked chicken wings coated with a signature dry rub and served alongside Alabama white sauce – an unorthodox but delicious blend of mayonnaise, vinegar, and spices that perfectly complements the smoky flavor profile of these tender wings.

Another must-visit spot while in Atlanta is The Local which features some truly unique sauces like Coca-Cola and sriracha or teriyaki sesame ginger for those who want something slightly different from traditional buffalo-style fare.

Nashville – Home of Hot Chicken

Famous for its hot chicken dishes, it’s no surprise that Nashville also boasts impressive hot wing offerings too. At Hattie B’s Hot Chicken you can choose between six heat levels (including one called “Shut The Cluck Up” reserved only for brave souls) paired up with their perfectly crispy fried chicken pieces seasoned just right by spices sure not disappoint any fan out there!

Chicago – Finger-Licking Good Wings in the Windy City

The Windy City has plenty more than deep-dish pizzas to offer when it comes to culinary delights, and its chicken wings are no exception. If you are in the mood for a more classic take on Buffalo-style wings, head to Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap where they serve their award-winning “PONY” wings served with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks on the side.

For those who love a little heat, Crisp in Chicago provides Korean-inspired jumbo fried chicken wings tossed in their signature Seoul Sassy sauce or Buffalo sauce as well. These massive portions will certainly leave diners satisfied but still craving one more bite of these sweet, spicy delights.

San Francisco – California Wings with International Flavors

On the West Coast, San Francisco has some exciting international takes on America’s favorite finger food. At San Tung Chinese Restaurant located right in Inner Sunset district they offer delectable dry-fried chicken wings that pack quite punch thanks its combination of ginger soy glaze mixed together creating savory yet slightly sweet flavors everyone enjoys!

If you prefer something saucier while exploring beautiful city by bay look no further than Hot Sauce Piquante Café which specializes exclusively hot sauces-inspired cuisine such gumbo fried rice alongside their signature buffalo wing dish called “Wing Roulette” featuring five different styles – traditional hot sauce/mild ranch Sriracha honey garlic chili lime rotating monthly specials sure tantalize taste buds!

Honorable Mentions from Across America

In addition to these regional favorites mentioned above there countless other spots across U.S.A worth visiting quest finding perfect plates full scrumptious crispy deep-fried goodness so whether traveling coast-to-coast make time try local establishments wherever go because never know when might stumble upon new hidden gem waiting be discovered by avid aficionados everywhere!

Preparing Your Own Mouth-Watering Chicken Wings at Home

If this culinary adventure has inspired you to try your hand at making delicious chicken wings in the comfort of your own kitchen, there is a multitude of recipes and techniques available to help you craft the perfect wing. Whether you choose to bake, fry or smoke your chicken pieces, there are countless flavors and styles that can be adapted from any corner of America or beyond.

From mastering classic Buffalo-style sauce with buttery Frank’s RedHot Sauce right down inventive creations like Coca-Cola infused Asian-inspired glazes only limit imagination when comes crafting ultimate plate finger-licking goodness so go ahead experiment discover just how diverse versatile humble little bird can truly be!


America’s love affair with chicken wings shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon as new chefs continue pushing boundaries what possible seemingly simple dish so next time find yourself sports bar friends enjoying cold pitcher beer hot platter these deep-fried delights take moment savor unique history flavor profiles behind each every bite knowing part greater nationwide culinary tradition spans far wide across land free home brave where everyone welcome join feast celebrate together cherished pastimes that define American identity heart soul generations come.

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