Best Tea Packaging Manufacturers for Singapore Market

August 26, 2023
Tea Packaging

Tea is one of the most popular hot drinks in Singapore and beyond. Also, Singapore continues to grow significantly in business in Asia, so if you want your tea products to sell like crazy in this booming business hub, you have to work with the best packaging manufacturer; think about creativity and functionality in a nutshell.

To keep up with the competition, putting as much effort and resources into your brand’s packaging as you do in producing your tea will go a long way. One way you can grow your business is by choosing sustainable materials. This will help you cut down on recycling and shipping costs.  Are you looking for a reliable tea packaging manufacturer in Singapore? Read on for the best options.

Top Tea Packaging Manufacturers for Singapore Market

QQ Studio

Anything from unique designs, variety, and practicability, QQ Studio has it. If you are looking for a manufacturer to make your custom tea packaging ideas a reality, you are home! And hey, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your tea to get the great packaging solutions they offer.

QQ Studio packaging solutions ensure your tea stays fresh and is not exposed to over-oxidation so your customers get the satisfaction of a refreshing cup of tea. At QQ Studio, you will get the most suitable packaging size and style for your business, including single-serving tea bags.

Fate House Pte Ltd

If you are searching for a private-label tea manufacturer Fate House Pte Ltd is your best bet. Since its founding, this manufacturer has focused on high-end tea brands, so you can consider working with them if your budget is on the higher side, the upper-middle price range. They will provide you with exquisite tea packaging using only eco-friendly packaging materials.

Tea packaging

NES Packaging

Another tea packaging gem is NES Packaging. Check them out if you’re looking for high-quality plastic packaging for Singapore customers. These options include standard or customized solutions. Also, they do commercial prints on different types of plastic bags and stand-up pouches. Their prices are affordable, and you get free delivery, people!

VSK Packing

This manufacturer uses top-notch Japan Imported packaging machines to produce various tea and coffee packaging solutions. At VSK, you can get the sachets in different sizes and styles. The best part is you can use their tea packaging to tell your brand story as they offer room for customizations like logos on the tea bag tags.

Of course, the bags come in an aluminum sachet outer packaging to ensure the flavors stay intact. They also have you covered in terms of storage and logistics.

Jackway Convertor Industries Pte Ltd

Think flexibility. Think Jackway Converter. They manufacture tea packaging pouches and multi-layered packaging bags. This manufacturer has been a key player in Singapore’s tea packaging market since 1996, so high quality is guaranteed due to their extensive experience.

Their manufacturing process is fast-rate, and their cutting-edge technology ensures you get your bulky orders on time.

Bags and Pouches PTE LTD.

Bags and Pouches PTE Ltd. rounds up our list of the best companies producing tea packaging. This manufacturing company was founded in 2014 at Kapo Factory, Singapore. Anything creative and flexible tea bags and pouches, they have it all! They also do customizations to suit your tea brand needs best.

Take Away

Customers go for tea brands that are instantly eye-catching and packaged to keep flavor and freshness. With this in mind, you can stand out from the competition by going all the way regarding design creativity (graphics, logos, and colors) for your tea packaging.

Understanding everything that goes into tea packaging can be a challenge. So, to get the perfect packaging, you need help from experts. QQ Studio is everything you need for your tea packaging design needs.

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