Choosing the Right Burger Spatula: A Guide to the Best Stainless Steel Options

May 31, 2023
Burger Spatula

Having the proper equipment may make a huge difference when grilling burgers. The burger spatula is one such instrument. However, it might be challenging to figure out which option is best for you because there are so many on the market.

The Importance of a Good Burger Spatula

A high-quality burger spatula is a must-have for any cook, whether amateur or professional. It lets you transfer cooked burgers between cooking surfaces without breaking them apart. An ideal sear and uniform cooking of your patties are both possible with the appropriate spatula.

The construction material of a burger spatula is crucial. Stainless steel is preferred by both professional and amateur cooks due to its durability and lifespan.

Size Matters

The size of your burger spatula will depend on personal preference as well as what type of burgers you are cooking. For smaller sliders or mini-burgers, a smaller 4-inch blade may be sufficient. However, for larger patties like quarter-pounders or half-pounders, a larger 6-8 inch blade may be necessary to properly maneuver them on the grill.

Straight Blade vs Angled Blade

Burger spatuas come in either straight blades or angled blades – both have their advantages depending on what type(s) of foods being grilled. Technically speaking straight-bladed varieties are more versatile because they work great with other types meats like fish fillets & chicken breasts while angled models tend towards poultry & seafood dishes due their unique curve that doesn’t always fit perfectly against beef products – but then again this largely depends on the cook’s preference.

Handle Design

The handle is another important aspect to consider when choosing a burger spatula. A comfortable grip and good weight distribution can help prevent hand fatigue during long grilling sessions. Look for handles that are heat-resistant, as this will prevent burns and allow you to comfortably hold the spatula while working over high heat.

Slotted Blade

You’ll also want your burger spatula to have slotted blades – they’re great for draining off excess oils & residues from burgers (or other foods being grilled). This allows food to be more evenly cooked throughout & less likely sticking or burning while on the grill.

Dishwasher Safe?

Burger Spatulas are not always dishwasher safe in fact most aren’t—if it matters, so make sure you check with the manufacturer before buying one if dishwasher safety is an important factor in making your choice.

The Best Burger Spatulas on The Market

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming trying to choose just one burger spatula. Here are some of our top picks:

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Turner

  • A rust-resistant stainless steel blade that’s tapered at the edges for easy flipping without damaging food or equipment.
  • a Soft-grip handle designed with thumb grips offers superior comfort even when handling heavy cuts of meat such as pork loin roasts or beef brisket.

Cuisipro Stainless Steel Wide Grill/Fry Tongs/Spatula Tool Set

Included in set:
1 x 12 inch Tongs / 1 x 12 inch Spatula / 1 x 15 inch Fork

Cuisipro is a premium brand that has been producing high-quality kitchen tools for over a century.

Whether you are grilling up burgers or frying up your favorite food, this set is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The wide spatula blade, in particular, is ideal for flipping larger cuts of meat (think T-bone steaks and whole chickens) with ease thanks to its sturdy construction.

Rada Cutlery Non-Scratch High Heat Resistant Utensils (Spatula)

  • A large surface area allows you to flip even the biggest burgers easily.
  • The slots on the spatula allow excess grease and juices to drain off quickly & cleanly so that perfect sear doesn’t get lost in unwanted fat.


If you’re serious about cooking delicious burgers at home or making them professionally use reliable tools like stainless steel burger spatulas as they can make all the difference. When choosing a burger spatula, consider factors such as size , angle type of blade & handle design before making your purchase. Our top picks include OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Turner, Cuisipro Stainless Steel Wide Grill/Fry Tongs/Spatula Tool Set , Rada Cutlery Non-Scratch High Heat Resistant Utensils(Spatula) among others – all of which will help ensure perfectly cooked patties every time!

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