Asda Desserts for Every Occasion: Birthdays, Parties, and More

April 18, 2023

All members of the family will love the assortment of sweets available at Asda. We offer every kind of cake, dessert, cupcake, tart, cookie, and more that you could ever want.

Spruce up your birthday party with a cake.

There is a wide selection of delicious birthday cakes at Asda. We provide everything from the most basic necessities to the most intricate customizations, so your every need will be addressed.

There’s nothing more fun than cutting into an Asda birthday cake during a party. So that everyone may have their preferred sort of cake at the same time, we have a wide variety of flavors and designs. You name anything, and we probably have it: chocolate sponge cakes frosted with vanilla buttercream, carrot cakes topped with cream cheese icing, fruit tarts, sprinkle- and candy-covered cupcakes. If you’re having trouble deciding on a flavor for a large party, we offer bespoke alternatives where we make sure everyone gets precisely what they want (and love the expressions of surprise and delight on their faces when they see how great it looks).

Asda provides everything you need to have a successful party, whether it’s a simple family meal or a more elaborate get-together for friends and coworkers after work. This includes, of course, the necessary plates and silverware.

Celebrate any special occasion with chocolate desserts.

Chocolate treats are perfect for commemorating any milestone. The universal appeal of chocolate makes it an ideal present for every occasion. You may get the ingredients for these sweets at your local Asda.

  • Chocolate Cake
  • Fruitcake
  • Chocolate Brownie

Create a dessert buffet that everyone will love.

You may make a dessert spread that both kids and adults will enjoy.

Here are some of our favorite sweet treats for your next party:

  • Cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles
  • Ice cream sundaes with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and cherries on top
  • Fruit kebabs made with bananas or strawberries (and maybe even pineapple) dipped in melted chocolate or white chocolate chips

What’s the finest thing about putting out these sweets? Your visitors won’t have to wait long to start participating since they can serve themselves.

Bring the party to you with asda desserts.

When you want the celebration to come to you, Asda Desserts are the way to go.

Asda Desserts provides everything you need to celebrate a special occasion or amaze your visitors. You may have as many or as few as you need, and if it’s more convenient, you can even have them sent to you. They’ve got a huge selection of chocolate cakes since they know how much customers adore chocolate.

One of our favorites is their “Tuxedo” Chocolate Cake, which consists of layers of moist chocolate sponge sandwiched between layers of vanilla buttercream and dark chocolate ganache (which is just a shorter way of saying “ganache”). At around £2 per serving, this sweet is affordable for anyone’s budget.

With an assortment of desserts, you can make every day special!

Asda provides everything you need to make every celebration extra memorable, including a wide selection of desserts suitable for a wide variety of events.

  • Birthday parties: Our desserts and cakes are perfect for any occasion, from a baby’s first birthday to an anniversary celebration. We have both time-honored classics like chocolate cake and more creative offerings like strawberry shortcake (a British favorite).
  • Easter celebrations: We get a lot of business around Easter, but that’s okay! There’s something for everyone in our varied collection. Everyone may feel like a part of the family on this joyful occasion thanks to the abundance of sweet treats like carrot cake and cookies in a variety of forms like bunnies and egg shells.


There’s a sweet treat at Asda for every occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, or simply a Friday night in. We have a wide variety of cakes, chocolate desserts, and more, so you can find the perfect treat for every event. We also have fantastic suggestions for celebrations like weddings and birthdays, including anything from cake pops to chocolate fountains. With our wide selection and reasonable pricing, you may make your own dessert buffet and satisfy everyone’s sweet need. There’s no excuse not to indulge yourself to some tasty confections today, whatever the purpose may be.

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