99 Miles Restaurant Review

June 10, 2022

Type of Restaurant : Veg and Non-Veg Hotel with Dine-in and Take Away

Overview :

I recently dined at a 99-mile restaurant (Dhaba based). This is near the Seeragapadi Vinayaka Mission Hospital in Salem, on the Salem-Coimbatore Highway. Actually, I’ve been to this place many times and it’s one of my favourite Dhaba-style restaurants in Salem. Because of the ambience and great interior work, the eating area, in particular, is of the Hut Based Type. In general, I believe that Dhaba-style restaurants accept alcohol with eating, although there is a distinction here between families and regular individuals. As a result, even families will come to eat. The majority of them do not want to visit dhaba-style restaurants, but they are willing to go with their families due to issues such as only cocktails with dining allowed inside the restaurant and no separation between families and them. However, this location is not like a typical dhaba-style restaurant. So there’s something different about this eatery compared to other dhabas.

Dishes here also come in a wide range of flavours (Now a lot of restaurants provide this same type of dishes). Especially the first time I had a crab lollypop at this location, I’d heard about it but couldn’t taste it. Almost wherever I go, I’ll have Non-Veg Mixed Fried Rice since I like this dish at Indo-Chinese restaurants, and I typically get it in Chennai, but I couldn’t order it in Salem because most of the restaurants didn’t have it. However, I’ve tried and tasted a lot of things at this establishment, and the quantity is fantastic.

So this is a fantastic spot to meet up with friends for a meal. However, if you and your family like dining at dhaba-style eateries, you should certainly pay this business a visit. This restaurant is situated on the Salem-Coimbatore Highway, therefore anybody passing through this area should stop here. otherwise If you want to offer a treat and celebrate with your family, here is the place to go. However, prices are somewhat more than those of other Dhaba restaurants in the same price range. Most Dhaba-based restaurants’ costs are likely to be more than those of multi-cuisine restaurants with A/C or with A/C, and in certain cases, prices include Equal.

However, I’ve heard negative things about the restaurant’s service since they often modified my orders. As a result, you can properly organise the individuals and eliminate any unneeded misunderstanding. Takeout is also available, so you can take your meal with you.

Signature Dishes :

The following are the restaurant’s signature dishes, which you should absolutely eat.

* Crab Lollipop
* Mixed Non-Veg Fried Rice
* Nallampatti Chicken (Semi)
* Kerala Chicken (Dry)
* Rangeela Chicken (Dry)
* Barbecue Fish
* Payasam

Cost : Bit-Costly.

Google/Phone Pay/Card : Yes, Accepted all.

Pros :

* Ambiences are very Good and Hut Based Dining is excellent.
* Unique Varieties available.
* There is huge space available to park both Car/Bike.

Cons :

* Servicing is Moderator.
* We’ll have to wait a while for our food.

Our Rating :

If you want to explore new locations or if you’re tired of visiting multicuisine restaurants, you should certainly pay this establishment a visit; I’m sure you’ll have a unique experience. There are also many unusual foods. We can quickly go to this location since the distance between the highway and the restaurant is extremely short, and parking is also very good.

Address :


Phone: 096267 99199

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